Kurt Indovina - November 2018

Introducing Kurt Indovina! Kurt is a guy floating around Rochester making cool videos for people within the city, and on @youtube 💥 Every Friday we can expect a new production from him, and it never disappoints! Not only did he do a video recently for @uglyduckcoffeefor their announcement of being open on Mondays, but he also spoke for @upstatesocial a few weeks ago. In these next 6 entries, we will see what Kurt’s thoughts are on what can make you successful, his journey to find where he is today, and all about his crazy, whimsical self! ⚡️

Starting at top left:

Kurt entry 1/6—

Kurt has always had a love of comics, video games, and making videos. He went through some twists and turns going from Rochester to Seattle, to then finding another job in Rochester with @roccitynews. But he always knew what his passions were and decided to just jump for them after recently deciding to go freelance. Sit and have a cup of coffee with him, and you can get a lot of insight on random video game facts, or the nitty-gritty of what he thinks are the foundations of success. He believes that every journey is different of how you would go down that path, but he’s happy to help give some insight. 🦖

Kurt entry 2/6 —
Kurt started in western NY and wanted a cool new start. He decided to travel with his girlfriend to Seattle where he landed a job at Nintendo as a game tester. (Freaking awesome right?!) After about a year, circumstances changed and it led him back to Rochester. Moral of the story? It was a good move. Thanks for coming back Kurt. Not only for your own development as a creative, but for the people of Rochester. From the humor in your videos, to being a role model for us who just need to just do it. Take the risk. Do your passion. Repeat. 👽 Go follow @kurt_indovina everyone.

Kurt entry 3/6 —
“I eat 2 eggs and an English muffin every single morning.” Kurt believes in doing things the exact same everyday to get himself in a good routine. He wakes up at 4am everyday, eats the same breakfast, works the same times everyday, and goes to bed at the same time every night. Is he on to something we’re not? Hmm 🤔 Either way, this is the recipe for his success.

Kurt entry 4/6 —
I asked Kurt to tell me about himself and what he wanted to viewers to know...his response you ask? “My name is Kurt, and I am a video makin’ dude.” Well folks, there you have it! 💡🎥

Kurt entry 5/6 —

Read this. Do it. Forget to do it. Read this. Do it. Repeat.

Kurt entry 6/6–
There’s many levels, gears and details to Kurt’s work, but one thing is always the same...a consistent routine. Waking up at 4am everyday to complete work that he loves. But everyday, and every week, there is something different & unique about this work.

Thank you again @kurt_indovina for supporting me & the @jsd_perspective blog!

Cris & Rory Van Grol - October 2018

Introducing Cris and Rory Van Grol! Rory is the owner of @uglyduckcoffee and Cris is a photographer, working towards becoming a doula (@rallydoulas) and is a stay at home mom with their 2 sons. In these next 6 entries, we’ll find out where the start of Rory’s passion for coffee bloomed, his thoughts on blending being a business owner and father, Cris’ perspective on their family, what her goals are and where it all began.

Starting with the top left:

Cris & Rory entry 1/6: I snapped some photos from my iPhone of them while at Ugly Duck and had them look through which ones they liked and didn’t like. Instantly, after the third or fourth photo, I got a response of “This is us.” from Cris. It wasn’t the most perfect photo, well lit, or one taken after many practice shots. It was the photo that expressed them the most. Rory throwing up a peace sign, and Cris chuckling at what he was doing. This is them because they are so REAL. They explained to me at the beginning of the interview that a few days earlier Rory asked Cris, “What did you want to be when you grew up?” Laughing at this, we all agreed that Rory is no where close to what he wanted to be...a baseball player! These next five entries will show you how much love these two have for each other, and how inspiring they are as a couple who support one another in what they want to do.

Cris & Rory entry 2/6: “It’s more than a beverage. It’s a fabric of lives. A community.” Rory said this while explaining how passionate he is about coffee and owning a coffee shop. He feels coffee can be the center of people’s lives, and to be honest, I agree. We can all relate over coffee (or coffee shop beverages.) Whether we’re going on a date, hanging with friends, studying, working, etc. it can all start and end at our local coffee shop. We’re thankful you kept on with your passion Rory...you have brought Rochester an amazing coffee shop.

Cris and Rory entry 3/6: Rory developed his love for coffee in Rhode Island and brought back the feel and vibes from that area to Rochester. We’re thankful this love for coffee grew over time working at different coffee shops here & gave us @uglyduckcoffee

Cris and Rory entry 4/6: She asked herself, “Do they have enough food in their fridge...are they being supported?” and then she’d respond back mentally saying, “I’m only their photographer.” But now has the mentality of, “That’s what you have to do for people. Just show up and ask.” -Cris talking about going on photography shoots then vs now.

Cris and Rory entry 5/6: Just read these beautiful words. Remember what inspires you about your spouse or partner. So much love.
“The way Cris just interacts with our sons is amazing to me...it just inspires me to be a better person. Her nurturing, creative, empathic spirit is amazing. That is just apart of her...it just makes me feel that much more connected to her...her holding me accountable inspires me too.” -Rory
“He is the most dependable and hardworking person I know...he just shows up.” -Cris

October 2018: Cris and Rory 6/6: Connect. Loyalty. Accountability. Passion. No matter how you look at it, this is the foundation of Cris and Rory’s work & family life. Sit down & have a cup of coffee at @uglyduckcoffee, you’ll see.

Thank you again for letting me get to know you more Cris & Rory!

Sapphire Courchaine - October 2018

Introducing Sapphire Courchaine, the Coffee Manager of @localsonly311! The pieces of art below are my interpretation of Sapphire’s drive to learn about all things coffee, what things she loves about her space at Locals Only, how she worked up to where she is today, and balancing the life as a coffee manager while being a mother & wife. Check out my step by step posts on Instagram @jsd_perspective.

Starting from top left:

Sapphire entry 1/6: One of the first things Sapphire said to me was that she is a “coffee nerd.” And it gave me the understanding of how she feels about her work, and coffee...that it doesn’t feel like work, and it’s not just coffee! When someone is a “nerd” about something (in my opinion) it means you’re totally geeking out over something that you love and maybe everyone else doesn’t. It’s so cool to see Sapphire doing what she loves to do, and using her creativity skills within her latte art. In our interview, she mentioned that she’s been attending all of the “latte art throw down’s” in Rochester for years. She has been supporting & showing her love for creativity, latte art & community for over 8 years. I’m excited to share with you all what other quotes and illustrations that inspired me after talking with this awesome lady!

Sapphire entry 2/6: “Just make baby steps everyday.” was Sapphire’s response to my question, “What advice would you tell someone who is just starting out something they are starting as a hobby or passion?” She herself admits that she has a hard time with staying focused on one thing, and gets bored easily. (We related on that) So taking baby steps helps her, and it can help you if you are building your dream as well. We all know it can be hard to do that, especially when you’re so excited to grow! Sapphire is a great example of hard work, building your resume, and doing what you love.

Sapphire entry 3/6: Sapphire mentioned that she has to deal with balancing a family life, and work life. Having a 9 year old can aim to have its challenges while balancing being a manager! She tries her hardest to create the best possible space for herself while at work to make it a good environment away from home. Hence, the espresso machine being right by the window at locals only. I admire Sapphire’s balance and how she can follow her passions. I’m sure her son & husband look up to her! Thank you for being a great example. Symbolized here in the picture is a brain that has to deal with the balance of family, work and then blending the two together.

Sapphire entry 4/6: “Any chance I can get around a window or light, I flourish.” Sapphire has her espresso machine at @localsonly311 right by the window. Now you know why! Plus she mentioned how much she loves the plants at work.

Sapphire entry 5/6: “...just making it more thoughtful.” Sapphire said after talking about what she was doing as she grew herself on social media. She was putting more thought into what she posted, what type of pictures, & the quality of the content. That is a really big point I’ve heard among a lot of business owners and influencers. I try to learn from what Sapphire has said about her content, as well as other people’s advice on their content. Put yourself out there & be authentic...and make it more thoughtful.

Sapphire entry 6/6: “You can always start over. Tomorrow is a new day.” This is one of sapphire’s motto’s that I feel like a lot of us business owners and managers forget. Even if today sucks, tomorrow is a new day and it WILL get better. Pictured here is coffee beans falling from the sky because...why not?

Thank you all for your support!