Cris & Rory Van Grol - October 2018

Introducing Cris and Rory Van Grol! Rory is the owner of @uglyduckcoffee and Cris is a photographer, working towards becoming a doula (@rallydoulas) and is a stay at home mom with their 2 sons. In these next 6 entries, we’ll find out where the start of Rory’s passion for coffee bloomed, his thoughts on blending being a business owner and father, Cris’ perspective on their family, what her goals are and where it all began.

Starting with the top left:

Cris & Rory entry 1/6: I snapped some photos from my iPhone of them while at Ugly Duck and had them look through which ones they liked and didn’t like. Instantly, after the third or fourth photo, I got a response of “This is us.” from Cris. It wasn’t the most perfect photo, well lit, or one taken after many practice shots. It was the photo that expressed them the most. Rory throwing up a peace sign, and Cris chuckling at what he was doing. This is them because they are so REAL. They explained to me at the beginning of the interview that a few days earlier Rory asked Cris, “What did you want to be when you grew up?” Laughing at this, we all agreed that Rory is no where close to what he wanted to be...a baseball player! These next five entries will show you how much love these two have for each other, and how inspiring they are as a couple who support one another in what they want to do.

Cris & Rory entry 2/6: “It’s more than a beverage. It’s a fabric of lives. A community.” Rory said this while explaining how passionate he is about coffee and owning a coffee shop. He feels coffee can be the center of people’s lives, and to be honest, I agree. We can all relate over coffee (or coffee shop beverages.) Whether we’re going on a date, hanging with friends, studying, working, etc. it can all start and end at our local coffee shop. We’re thankful you kept on with your passion have brought Rochester an amazing coffee shop.

Cris and Rory entry 3/6: Rory developed his love for coffee in Rhode Island and brought back the feel and vibes from that area to Rochester. We’re thankful this love for coffee grew over time working at different coffee shops here & gave us @uglyduckcoffee

Cris and Rory entry 4/6: She asked herself, “Do they have enough food in their fridge...are they being supported?” and then she’d respond back mentally saying, “I’m only their photographer.” But now has the mentality of, “That’s what you have to do for people. Just show up and ask.” -Cris talking about going on photography shoots then vs now.

Cris and Rory entry 5/6: Just read these beautiful words. Remember what inspires you about your spouse or partner. So much love.
“The way Cris just interacts with our sons is amazing to just inspires me to be a better person. Her nurturing, creative, empathic spirit is amazing. That is just apart of just makes me feel that much more connected to her...her holding me accountable inspires me too.” -Rory
“He is the most dependable and hardworking person I know...he just shows up.” -Cris

October 2018: Cris and Rory 6/6: Connect. Loyalty. Accountability. Passion. No matter how you look at it, this is the foundation of Cris and Rory’s work & family life. Sit down & have a cup of coffee at @uglyduckcoffee, you’ll see.

Thank you again for letting me get to know you more Cris & Rory!