Kurt Indovina - November 2018

Introducing Kurt Indovina! Kurt is a guy floating around Rochester making cool videos for people within the city, and on @youtube 💥 Every Friday we can expect a new production from him, and it never disappoints! Not only did he do a video recently for @uglyduckcoffeefor their announcement of being open on Mondays, but he also spoke for @upstatesocial a few weeks ago. In these next 6 entries, we will see what Kurt’s thoughts are on what can make you successful, his journey to find where he is today, and all about his crazy, whimsical self! ⚡️

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Kurt entry 1/6—

Kurt has always had a love of comics, video games, and making videos. He went through some twists and turns going from Rochester to Seattle, to then finding another job in Rochester with @roccitynews. But he always knew what his passions were and decided to just jump for them after recently deciding to go freelance. Sit and have a cup of coffee with him, and you can get a lot of insight on random video game facts, or the nitty-gritty of what he thinks are the foundations of success. He believes that every journey is different of how you would go down that path, but he’s happy to help give some insight. 🦖

Kurt entry 2/6 —
Kurt started in western NY and wanted a cool new start. He decided to travel with his girlfriend to Seattle where he landed a job at Nintendo as a game tester. (Freaking awesome right?!) After about a year, circumstances changed and it led him back to Rochester. Moral of the story? It was a good move. Thanks for coming back Kurt. Not only for your own development as a creative, but for the people of Rochester. From the humor in your videos, to being a role model for us who just need to just do it. Take the risk. Do your passion. Repeat. 👽 Go follow @kurt_indovina everyone.

Kurt entry 3/6 —
“I eat 2 eggs and an English muffin every single morning.” Kurt believes in doing things the exact same everyday to get himself in a good routine. He wakes up at 4am everyday, eats the same breakfast, works the same times everyday, and goes to bed at the same time every night. Is he on to something we’re not? Hmm 🤔 Either way, this is the recipe for his success.

Kurt entry 4/6 —
I asked Kurt to tell me about himself and what he wanted to viewers to know...his response you ask? “My name is Kurt, and I am a video makin’ dude.” Well folks, there you have it! 💡🎥

Kurt entry 5/6 —

Read this. Do it. Forget to do it. Read this. Do it. Repeat.

Kurt entry 6/6–
There’s many levels, gears and details to Kurt’s work, but one thing is always the same...a consistent routine. Waking up at 4am everyday to complete work that he loves. But everyday, and every week, there is something different & unique about this work.

Thank you again @kurt_indovina for supporting me & the @jsd_perspective blog!