Stephanie Christensen - November 2018

Introducing Stephanie Christensen! ✨ Stephanie is the owner of @justbrowsingroc & kills the brow and fashion game. In these next 6 entries, you’ll see what she excels in, what helped her perspective in opening her own brow studio, & what her new current life project is. 💕

Starting at the top left:

Entry 1/6: When Stephanie and I first started chatting in our interview, I really got a warmth and authentic feeling from her. She stressed how she always wants to be there for her clients, and you can tell she is that way with everyone! 😊

Entry 2/6: “After I did my blog for a while I thought, ‘What’s next?’” Stephanie started loving fashion and shared it with the public. Her thoughts on fashion and what she liked pretty quickly became popular. As creatives, we both agreed that we always need a new project or something to do. So after her blog, she thought about what was next. What’s next on your project list friends? ✨

Entry 3/6: “I could do brows with my eyes closed.” -Stephanie Christensen, owner and brow genius at @justbrowsingroc 💃🏻✨

Entry 4/6: Stephanie and I towards the end of our interview talked about the process of IVF, her perspective on how lucky she is, and how happy she is to be almost done with her first trimester. This picture symbolizes the chance of getting all your variables right and having success! In this case, the beautiful opportunity of pregnancy.

Entry 5/6: “I love clothes and trialing and toying with my own style. I like to do it all.” Who else is into changing up your style each day like Stephanie of @justbrowsingroc? I’m right there with her! This picture symbolizes the idea of correlating different emotion colors and feelings with each outfit worn. 👗👕👘👚🕶👛👢🧢👡

Entry 6/6: "I just really wanted to feel ready...I’ve always struggled with taking on other people’s feelings as my it felt extra awesome to know that I was confident and 100%’s a different type of choice committing to IVF.” Stephanie I am so proud of you & how well you’re doing. I’m there for you whenever you need me! And I can’t wait to meet the baby. Just a few months away!

Do you have questions about IVF? Do you know someone that’s going through this process? Stephanie is a great role model and resource. Thank you Stephanie for talking with me again! I love showing the Rochester community our business owners and influencers and how they deal with real life struggles (and successes) just like us.