Sarah Knight - December 2018

Introducing...Sarah Knight! ✨ Sarah is the founder of @rocgirlgang and an inspiration to many. These next 6 entries will take you into getting to know Sarah not only as a founder, but as a mom and really humorous, realistic role model. ✨

Starting at the top left:

Entry 1/6: Sarah and I met for her interview during her youngest son’s nap. We related on how crazy schedules can be with kids, and how everyone’s got their own system. She’s thankful to have her mom and sister to lean on in her busy schedule. 💃🏻

Entry 2/6: “I just had this idea and I went for it.” said Sarah after speaking about the evolving of @rocgirlgang in her head. It was an idea that she thought that someone else had to have thought of already...but turns out after research on whether or not it was created, she was stunned to find out it wasn’t...yet. Between December & May she fine tuned her idea and created what we know and love as Roc Girl Gang. Thank you Sarah for being a HUGE inspiration to a lot of women in our area. 👏🏻

Entry 3/6: Friend. Role model. Creative. Wife. Founder. Mother. Sister. Sarah has many roles she juggles...who can relate? FT. The orange mug she had filled with hot water during our interview 😂

Entry 4/6: This mountain represents the challenges that Sarah has faced within Roc Girl Gang, and the things she has a hard time with in life. She mentioned at the beginning, “I’m not a ‘Betty Home Maker’ so it (being home) was hard.” and she also said shortly afterwards, “I’m a people pleaser. Criticism is really hard for me.” These are all things I have a hard time with as well, so it was really enlightening to see how someone who has accomplished so much, has similar feelings about things like I do. She is definitely very down to earth! Which is awesome 🙂

Entry 5/6: Roc Girl Gang comes off as many, but is only one creative soul. @itsjustsarahknight ✨ This symbolizes how Sarah foresees and creates all of the moving parts of Roc Girl Gang. She is one person and there is a lot of things to do! Go Sarah! 👍🏻

Entry 6/6: “ bugs me that it bugs me.” said Sarah as we were talking about things people don’t know about her. She mentioned in our conversation how hard criticism is for her (and let’s be honest, what everyone has a hard time with) and she said it bugs her when things bother her online that are said negatively. We are all trying our best, no matter what, and we are happy that you’re trying your best for Roc Girl Gang! Rochester thanks you, and I thank you! 💕

Thank you everyone for reading and taking a look at my posts over these last 3 months. These six interviews have shown me a lot about our community, biz owners, and myself! Stay tuned in’s gunna be a good one 😊