Sebastian & Colleen Hardy - December 2018

Introducing Colleen & Sebastian Hardy, owners of @livingrootswine✨ This pair have a million things going on with their new winery, but they always try to remember to make it fun! In these series of entries, we’ll find out a little more about this couple & what drives them to do what they love.

Starting from the top left:

Entry 1/6: I was invited to see their beautiful apartment within the same building of their winery on University ave for our interview. Even though they are extremely busy going between Rochester & Australia, they still make time for the ones (like me) that want to chit chat with a glass of wine and talk about one another’s passions. They are such a sweet couple! 🍷✨

Entry 2/6: When Sebastian was talking about how busy they are, he mentioned how he really respected what Colleen does for their business as well. They both have their places where they are mainly working, but they still run ideas they have onto each other and get one another’s perspective. Which I personally feel is such an awesome and huge part of being partners in a business but also partners in life! This beautiful couple is a great example of how to balance being married & being business owners together. 💕

Entry 3/6: “There’s so much to know and makes for a diverse business.” -Sebastian 
This picture symbolizes the differences within the business of selling wine and winemaking. 🍷

Entry 4/6: It was really cool to hear from them about how diverse the business is, but also how they involve themselves in so many things day to day. A lot of times people get stuck in working on the same part of the business over and over and don’t look at the big picture of the whole business. But that is definitely not the case with this couple! Many times while we talked they agreed that they wear “many hats.” 🎩 Go to @livingrootswine and see how much love and time they’ve put into their winery. It’s amazing! “You’re constantly jumping from one thing to another.” -Colleen

Entry 5/6: Who would have thought during a huge life change and career change, that you’d also find the love of your life? That’s exactly what Colleen did! Moving from Chicago to Australia changed her life in so many ways. ✨Would you jump to the chance at moving to a different country? 🧐

Entry 6/6: They take anytime they can in their busy schedule to either, make work feel less like work, or to do something fun together. Colleen said this during our interview, “...ordering pizza from Swan Dive and doing late night paperwork up here. (in the apartment) Were finding ways to make it feel less like work.” This picture symbolizes the small pieces of time they spontaneously have a date night @radiosocial or grab pizza and do paperwork for living roots from @swandiveroc ✨

Thank you again Colleen and Sebastian for chatting with me! You guys are a great couple and great friends. Have a great rest of your year! 💕